WideSpime 2
    Connecting objects

    Are you producing objects? Do they talk?
    Connected objects are able to communicate the needs of their owner. They can react to users, providing services which could never be imagined before such as access to virtually unlimited media resources, instant online publishing of data, communication between devices and backup of memory and settings. They can build the link between your CRM and your customer, profiling them in real time. They build the very concept of services on what would otherwise be simply hardware.

    Can you really afford disconnected objects?

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    Only social, and connected products and services have a place in our future. We are bound to replace one by one our electronic gadgets, household appliances, even the recent home automation, and car navigation systems. The only products and services we really need are connected to the Internet, and to our Social Network!

    Whether we consider training and fitness tools, environmental sensors, data collection mobile applications, or entertainment and information Social Hardware, the universal need is to manage their increasing volume of communication.

    WideSpime’s objective is to offer to the developer massive data collection, realtime computation, and reliable data management services independently of the specific product or service.

    WideSpime enables the rapid and scalable development of dependable solutions based on Social Hardware and services. With the addition of WideSpime’s rich set of functionalities, your application’s adoption rate will soar!

    Features, and Benefits

    • Distributed Architecture – Runs indifferently on a single machine or on multiple machines, and takes advantage of existing cloud and virtualization architectures.
    • Horizontal Linear Scalability – The management of devices gets transparently distributed across available servers, enabling horizontal scalability. Need more power? Simply plug in a new server, and it will immediately be added to the available resources.
    • Entry-Point Independence – Any machine used is a valid entry point for all external communications, avoiding bottlenecks, and limiting the need for load-balancers.
    • Multi-Core Optimization – The virtual machine is built to optimize the processing power of multi-core servers.
    • Pluggable protocols – Numerous modules available to manage communication protocols such as HTTP and XMPP, which can be activated or deactivated depending on the application needs. It is extremely simple to build custom modules that implement desired additional protocols.
    • Integration with other languages – It is possible to write the application logic in other languages, such as Python, Ruby, PHP, C++ or Java

    WideSPIME is a fault-tolerant, distributed and high-concurrency environment for building applications that can take advantage of existing cloud architectures. Its horizontal scaling and entrypoint independence allows the design of applications fully taking advantage of modern hardware architectures.

    erlang logoMassive data collection, and remote management of devices allow exciting new applications, with the knowledge that as their popularity with the users increases the infrastructure will be able and keep up with the demands.
    WideSpime is written in Erlang, a parallel programming language developed by the Ericsson Computer Science Laboratory and based on its Open Telecom Platform infrastructure.

    WideSpime is available with a licensing solution, designed to satisfy the needs of the most varied customer-use scenarios:

    • SaaS (software-as-a-service) that can be called from a product via the public API
    • a per-Processor Core commercial License for installation on the existing data center infrastructure