The WideTag Social Energy Meter allows the realtime monitoring, and collaborative management, of energy usage in households, and businesses, through an innovative suite of hardware and software platforms.

    Optimizing energy usage, and maximizing its effectiveness, and positive impact both on a local and on a global level is essential in today’s environment. Measuring, and understanding are the first steps to being able and act smart! With the WideTag Social Energy Meter, interfaced seamlessly with the existing infrastructure, users can not only make sure that the information they receive is arriving when it is needed, not a month or two later, but is also managed at the right level of granularity.

    Can you imagine if you received the bill for your grocery shopping at the end of the month, and you could not know what’s the price of the goods in your shopping bag?

    Why should your energy bill be the same?

    The WideTag Social Energy Meter is based on a modern, and elegant interface to convey the most important piece of information that you need: are you consuming too much?

    The Lamp component of the WideTag Social Energy Meter suite is a sophisticated information visualization device, which synthetizes the measurements taken in a delicate but evident color hue. The main color displayed, representing the realtime consumption, is put in relation to a benchmark, the reference group of similar family composition, or consumption behavior to the user. This is a key component to the solution, which motivates the user with a simple signal, the color difference, to find the source of eventual excessive consumption, and effectively change behavior.

    Social applications, emerging as a consequence of the universal application access provided by the paradigm we call Web2.0, are the basis of very wide, and efficient grouping of people with similar interests and behaviors, regardless of their geographical location, cultural background. It is this novel approach to application distribution, and user interaction that enables the WideTag Social Energy Meter to gather the information needed for the benchmark groups.

    Belonging to social groups, and being able to contextually observe one’s behavior is one of the most powerful motivational sources. We are not only the objects we use, but also the context in which we use them. These forces are among the few that can truly, and sustainably change our behavior.

    Washing machines easily last ten or fifteen years. Is yours that old? Did you know that you could spare eighty percent of its energy use by switching to a recent model?

    The WideTag Social Energy meter has been first presented at the SHiFT 2008 conference in September 2008 in Lisbon, Portugal, and is currently being tested by a global Top-10 Utility Company, with the help of a global Top-5 System Integrator.

    If you are interested in learning more about the WideTag Social Energy Meter suite of energy monitoring and management solutions, based on WideSpime, our enterprise-class high-concurrency Massive Data Collection platform, don’t hesitate to contact us!