Some of the press coverage we have received, regarding our products, services, technologies, and activities: Technology, September 17, 2009
    “Big cities prove apt for apps” by Steve Molman
    WideNoise in

    “It’s a good time to have an iPhone, be moderately geeky, and live in New York. That’s because loads of iPhone apps have come out that make the urban experience more rewarding. … WideNoise, for the iPhone, lets you measure the noise pollution where you are and compare that to other parts of the city.”

    Il Sole 24 Ore, September 17, 2009
    “The Internet Governs the Objects” by Luca Dello Iacovo
    WideTag in Il Sole 24 Ore

    “…it is a continuous adaptation to the feedback provided by nature. It is as if the [America’s Cup] boat were a living organism (and it’s not a coincidence that the word ‘cybernetics’ comes from the Greek for helmsman. Green Comm Challenge’s boat uses the WideSpime software platform: a system that enables the use of different sensors.”

    Financial Times, August 27, 2009
    “My summer at the Woodstock for technologists” by Simon Daniel
    WideTag in Financial Times

    “It’s not every day you move an atom with a mouse click. But this is precisely what I do one day at the Singularity University, a new institution supported by Google and Nasa, which aims to educate a select group of entrepreneurs and scientists about the rapid pace of technology… …Later, David Orban, chief executive of Widetag, a pioneer in the architecture of computing systems, and European adviser to SU, delivers a talk. He explains that this miniaturisation and the ubiquity of computing are creating an “internet of things”, where everything from sensors and electricity meters to billions of phones are being connected to the web, enabling new business-to-device models.”

    Reuters, August 17, 2009
    “Italian invention on the New York Times” by Roberto Bonzio

    “Agro [CEO of WideTag, ed.] predicts an even more intence interaction between humans and machines, as sensor data from mobile phones can go to sites like Twitter without further intervention”

    New York Times, August 10, 2009
    “WideNoise: Monitor Noise Levels on Your iPhone” by Richard McManus
    WideTag in the New York Times

    “Using WideNoise I discovered that I live in a “sleeping cat” area — although it felt more like a “rock concert area” last Friday about 2am when the neighbour had his mates around! So your mileage may vary. … Both WideNoise and OpenSpime are the creation of the company WideTag, Inc., which looks to be building some innovative Internet of Things products. iPhone users can purchase WideNoise for US$1.99 from the Apple App Store.”

    Singularity University, July 26, 2009
    “Singularity University presents David Orban and the Internet Of Things” by Bruce Klein
    Singularity University

    “What happens when we move from billions of mobile phones around us, to networks made of ten, one hundred or one thousand times more nodes? What are going to be the necessary features of these networks, which will constitute the Internet of Things? How can we think about, and must start planning for the nature of this new fundamental entity quickly emerging? Join us as David Orban is going to analyze these and other questions that we cannot ignore, if we want to understand the progression of the networked computing environment that surrounds our daily lives.”

    Wired Italy, June 2009
    “Internet Of Things” by Emil Abirascid
    Wired June

    Il Mondo, May 2009
    “Milan to San Francisco, and back”


    Wired Italy, December 2008 (Issue 0)
    “Sterling sent me, and I am hunting CO2″

    Wired n0