Headquartered in Redwood City California, WideTag is a pioneer in architecting computing systems that integrate sensors, positioning devices and memory with social, Web 2.0-style services in applications that revolutionize business and push consumer technology.

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    Mobile devices enable unprecedented ease of distribution and adoption for software of any type. As devices are now interconnected and location-aware, digital services provide an opportunity to integrate computing use into a 24 hour lifestyle. WideTag takes advantage of this opportunity to sell applications and hardware extensions that radically ehance the usersʼ experience with their surroundings.

    How does the internet cope with the relentless onslaught of data, what kind of applications need to arise to take advantage of it? This is the real time internet, where massively scalable architectures, taking optimal advantage of multicore CPU servers, and data centers are needed. Concurrency, parallelism, total reliability are necessary components of next generation networks, as they are designed, deployed, and managed in real-world applications. WideTag’s framework for the Internet Of Things constitutes an innovative, and reliable basis for the development of massive data collection and management applications.

    WideTag, Inc. has been founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs who, having lived in Europe, Italy, are mashing-up the Silicon Valley’s startup culture, with Europe’s strong values, social responsibility, and design driven life.

    WideTag, Inc.
    370 Convention Way (Plug’n Play Tech Center)
    Redwood City, CA 9406

    Phone: +1 (650) 419-2686
    Fax: +1 (415) 373-3905
    Email: info@widetag.com