Crowdsourced Ecology: WideNoise 3 for iPhone and Android

    With WideNoise you can monitor the noise levels around you, everywhere you go. You can also check the online map to see the average sound level of the area around you. Do you live in a “sleeping cat area” or in a more noisy “rock concert area”? Are you able to find the most silent spot in the city? And that park is really as silent as you think?

    WideNoise has a long history, from being a pioneering iPhone “spime” to being the showcase product of WideTag’s OpenSpime protocol and WideSpime infrastructure. After being awarded the inclusion in the ADI Design Index 2011 and being cited as the Top 10 Internet of Things object of 2009 by the New York Times and Read Write Web, now version WideNoise 3 has been updated as a social research tool within the EveryAware project.

    EveryAware is a project of the European Union, intending to integrate environmental monitoring, awareness enhancement and behavioral change”, in collaboration with the ISI Foundation, Institute for Scientific Interchange and CSP ICT Innovation of Turin, Italy, and the University of Rome, and the L3S Research Center of the University of Leibniz in Hannover, Germany.

    EveryAware integrates environmental monitoring, awareness enhancement and behavioral change by creating a new technological platform combining sensing technologies, networking applications and data-processing tools.

    While the old rusted style was in many ways a trademark that distinguished WideNoise 2.0, we decided for the research project to go through a full redesign and make it more like a professional tool, with a sheer metal surface and orange lights. With the cooperation of the whole EveryAware project we added also some additional features like the slider to try and guess how much noise is there and the panel to add more details about the sampled noise itself.

    All the raw data detections are being sent to the EveryAware server for collection and analysis. The App is free, its source is released with an open license.

    WideNoise 3 has its own minisite where you can download the app for iPhone and for Android, and visualize the results on a shared dynamic online map.


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