A very active audience!

    Our lecture on the Internet Of Things, and Spime Design Workshop at the Singularity University went very well. The lecture was among the few open to the public, and give that it was held before the security gates at NASA Ames Research Center, people didn’t hesitate to sign up and come to attend, learning about it both from the Singularity University blog post, the Eventbright event page, and many by simple word of mouth. We were especially honored by outside people coming, since at the same time two other events of great interest were taking place in San Francisco: the meeting of Science Commons, and a seminar by the Long Now Foundation. So thanks for everybody who chose our event!

    Here is the presentation that we gave, with the audio track:

    as well as some photos from the workshop:

    (Actually the photos are frame grabs from the Full HD video that the Singularity University Media Production team led by Matt Rutherford have been shooting of everything that happened!)

    After the lecture, as usual, we engaged the audience to apply what they have just learned in imagining spime-based Internet Of Things applications, and we were delighted to see not only the students forming groups, but also the people from the outside jumping at the opportunity to be active participants in the event.

    This event was the first being streamed live from the Singularity University, so while the groups worked, we walked among them asking questions, giving some feedback, and guidance, and chronicling in general what was going on to keep the people watching the stream entertained. When the time came to make the presentations by the groups, there was even one formed by online participants, who created an ad-hoc skype chat and conference call, and created collaboratively their presentation, shown to everybody in the room alongside those of the other groups! This was a real surprise, and a great testimony to the active engagement, and creativity of the participants.

    To keep things interesting, we used WideNoise as an applause-o-meter in judging the presentations, and awarding the winning one.


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