The Spime Innovations, and its dilemmas

    When you set out to make into reality something that has been dreamed up by a science fiction writer, Bruce Sterling in our case, you have to carefully balance many factors. On one hand you have to freedom of interpreting the original vision almost any way you want, as there is nobody to tell you that you are wrong. On the other hand, you are not in the same business of imagining a future that might never become reality, as a writer of fiction is, you are supposed to carry a message that indeed is in touch with reality. Maybe extending it, or stretching it even towards the goals that you set, but nonetheless there have to be ways for you to show that what you are planning is doable. And then do it!

    One consequence of the innovations that we introduce, and of the open, and transparent manner that we talk about them at conferences, and post about them on our blog or the OpenSpime twitter account, is that people come to us with their very welcome feedback, criticism, advice, which in turn of course influences our way of thinking, and implementing the new generations of ideas that we develop in the meantime.

    We spoke about these issues at the recent TechnoArk 2009 conference in Switzerland. Here is the video alongside with the slides of our talk.

    TechnoArk 2009 conference - widenoise


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