WideTag's Founder & CEO, Leandro Agro', introducing Design Laws for the next generation of connected everyday objects (interactive english transcript)

    Social Energy Meter The WideTag Social Energy Meter allows the real-time monitoring, and collaborative management, of energy usage.

    WideSpime and Erlang WideSPIME is a fault-tolerant, distributed and high-concurrency platform for connecting massive numbers of objects. Can you afford disconnected objects?

    WideNoise. Massively collecting data via Social Networks

    After being awarded of ADI Design Index 2011 and being cited as the Top10 Internet of Things of 2009 by the NYTimes, Widenoise 3.0 as been landed on iPhone and Android as a EveryAware social research tool.

    - WideNoise 3.0 on WideTag BLOG

    - Official Website


    SU Presents The Internet Of Things

    WideNoise David Orban, Chief Evangelist of WideTag, on Stage at the Singularity University (Nasa, Ames Research Center)

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